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Foreign Exchange

  • Streaming Data for All Major & Regional Currencies, Cross and Cross Forward Rates and Interbank and Open Market Rates of PKR, all Market Fixings, revaluation and reference rates.

Mutual Funds

  • Follow the prices for all open end, close end and pension funds along with their reference data and historical NAV’s and payouts.


  • Key Global indices and All KSE indices & Companies are covered live with historical and reference data, built in technical tools for analysis and comparisons.

Central Bank Actions

  • All the key central bank rates with historical changes along with latest open market operations, Treasury Auctions and market fixings are covered, including historical results.

Fixed Income & Money Market

  • Government Bills, Bonds and Ijara Sukuks, Corporate TFC’s & Sukuks, Market Fixings and Benchmarks are some of the instruments in MG’s expanding coverage of the Fixed Income Market and Instruments. Complete background information including reopening and auction history available on a single click.


Whether it be an Analyst, trader, portfolio manager or a supervisory role, Mettis Global Provides Tools to help you in efficiently getting the job done.

Shariah Compliant Investment Instruments

Mettis Global provides detailed information on GOP IjaraSukuks, Corporate Sukuks, Shariah Compliant Mutual Funds and Equity Instruments and Indices. Track these Instruments or Make your own portfolio and manage it in Real Time.

Forex Trader

Mettis Global Brings transparency to the Forex Market with streaming FX Rates with special emphasis on Pak Rupee in the Interbank Market. Complete coverage including Spot & Forward Rates, synthetic cross and cross forwards. Use MettisGlobal’s Models for Forwards/ outrights and discounting or build your own.

Fixed Income Trader

Highly Customized for the Market Conventions of Pakistan, Mettis Global provides indicative and traded price, yield, spread and risk analysis. You can graph curves, create and manage a portfolio perform horizon and scenario analysis. View Bond details, auction history and Price History.

Equity Trader

Streaming Data from KSE including Stocks, Indices, Futures & Tradable indices Mettis Global brings you all the detailed Quotes. Manage your portfolio, setup watch lists and track your portfolio in real time. Perform over 50 Technical analysis with built in Charting tool. View historical trade and reference data.

Interest Rate Trader

In depth coverage of the Money Markets including all Major Market Fixing, Central Bank Actions and Market Rates.

Asset Manager

Comprehensive Cross Market Data and Analysis Tools help you manage a diverse range of assets in multiple portfolios across multiple asset classes, Mettis Global helps you in making informed decisions to maximize profits and improve efficiency.


Built in Technical analysis & Charting software to help you perform complicated analysis on your favorite instrument.

Not only does Mettis Global come with excel intergration, its customized ribbon provides easy and intuitive menus to help customize the streaming or refernce data you require right into your own workbooks.

While Mettis Global provides detailed preset views for each asset class, users can customize their screens as per their own requirement.

Mettis Global’s Portfolio Management solution empowers you with the tools required to successfully implement optimal investment portfolio strategies and make more informed decisions by enabling you to easily and accurately measure portfolio risk and return

Mettis Global Provides its Users with Calculators and Models customized with local market practices and conventions, tools provides also help users make their own models

Follow the markets and get up to the minute news from reliable sources including Mettis Globals own alerts.

While Mettis Global provides detailed preset views for each asset class, users can customize their screens as per their own requirement.

About Us

Mettis Global is a Financial Information company which provides Market Data, Data Solutions and Analytics to Corporate Treasuries, Financial Institutions and other Market Participants. Our Data Set covers Equity, Fixed Income (Govt& Corporate debt), Forex, Energy, Commodities, Funds, Economic releases and Central Bank Actions.



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